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C3 Lighting's RF and EM Interference Free LED Lighting Systems for MRI Space

In 2010 C3 Lighting developed the first LED lighting system for the MRI space. One of the many features of their unique Remote Power and Control Technology provides an RF and EM interference free environment, which is a requirement for MRI and other specialized applications. “We have expanded our system to include products that not only illuminate the room but create an entire lighting environment, to help the patient relax and improve their attitude towards the procedure.” Said Rick Farrell, President of C3 Lighting. A 3D rendered photo of C3 Lighting-s Clarus product line for MRI space. (Photo Courtesy of C3 Lighting) C3 Lighting’s Clarus product line offers a full line of diffused troffers, round down-lights and under-counter lights that provide tunable-white room illumination.  These products allow the technician to change the ambience of the room by adjusting the color temperature of the rooms lighting from 2,700 to 6,000 degrees Kelvin.   Their line of overhead and wall graphic illuminators provide focal points for the patient that aid in relaxation. C3’s exam lights use the same technology found in their revolutionary external field illuminators for the operating room, and provide asymmetric lighting with five different color temperatures of illumination to increase visual acutance for the technician and physician. An extended line of three and four-color recessed wall-wash illuminators provide an unlimited number of colors to change the color of the walls and further enhance the environment. Control options extend from basic wall switches to fully programmable touch plates that provide DMX controlled lighting scenes to further relax the patient and encourage a more accurate and accelerated procedure. C3 Lighting has the most extensive line of products available that are specifically designed for the MRI space.  Their technology provides the lighting designer and architect the ability to create a never before possible lighting environment with the confidence that it meets the technical requirements required by MRI equipment manufacturers 


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