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German Town Embeds LED Traffic Lights on Crossing Ground for "Smartphone Zombies"

Aigsburg, an university town in south Germany now can call itself a safer city for the so-called "smartphone zombies" as it is to officially embed LED lights to the road to display traffic lights to pedestrians that bury their head in the mobile, reoprted Sputnik Germany.

All these "smombies"  need to do is to follow the traffic lights on the ground, eliminating the need to look up to the lights at the crossing. 

Stephanie Letmen, a spokeswoman of the local authority in Augsburg told the journalist that the perculiar lights are not merely designated for smartphone users. These lights improve the road safety as a whole. 

The town decided to pilot the embedded LED lights at two crossings by tram stops. LED lights, being placed in the pavement along the curb, switches to red accordingly when a tram approaches, said Lermen.

These LED traffic lights can be programmed wirelessly and they do not need power supplies.

Impacts these LED lights pose on pedestrians and tram drivers will be closely monitor from now on. 

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